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The Power of Collaboration.

Branded Work Places has a unique business model designed to achieve unique results. We believe in the power of collaboration across the multi-faceted design & visual communications industry. Vision acts as a channel partner with architects, building companies, design firms, marketing agencies and brand managers to deliver and implement their projects We offer design support for all of our channel partners as we understand not only the design challenges of delivering a brief but the process of quality production. Our design support comes in the form of studio 3d Max rendering for building projects and concept development for interior branding.



Our team will collaborate with your design team offering further creative input on branding for buildings, exhibitions, events & promotions. Our constant research of new materials and products visiting design shows in Dubai, China, France, Italy, U.K, USA & Germany annually results in unique product procurement & niche methods of producing your designs. Having control over every step of the production in house process allows Vision to deliver on tight deadlines and react quickly to project changes and challenges.

Exhibition Branding - Process

Everything starts with a free consultation meeting where we discuss the client requirements, the brand proposition, the budget and above all the goals that the company is trying to achieve through this project. Our design team will create mock-ups for your bespoke exhibition stand based on your brand guideline or create a new identity if necessary. Our exhibition stand designers can create almost anything, from traditional shell schemes to large bespoke stands that truly communicate a brand culture and create a meaningful impact on those who see and hear about your stand. Our experienced designers will take the profile of the audience into account–as well as the stands next to your branding exhibition–in order to get the full potential out in terms of impact and distinction, sending across the right message.

Branding Approach

Our teams are specialised in workplace branding and have worked with companies in different sectors such as high-tech, hospitality and retail to deliver spaces that inspire people and improve their brand experience. What makes us different from other branding and design agencies is best explained with an example.

When a company hires a branding agency to implement their corporate identity through the workplace branding in their offices, usually the branding agency uses other companies to implement their project (for example, to print and install glass graphics). Several issues may arise during the development of the project:

– The production and installation companies might find difficult to clearly understand what the designers had in mind.
– The designers might have not considered the challenges that the installation and production experts face when dealing with specific materials and surfaces
– No matter what the issue, the communication flow between different departments in different companies is often slow and it can affect the project’s outcome.

Retail Branding Specialists

Planning a retail marketing strategy for a company means taking into account a clear imbalance in the purchasing process: customers are in complete command.

The quality of the product sold is fundamental, but not enough to guarantee the customer loyalty and satisfaction that brings your vision to the world through the word of mouth. Therefore, the retail environment and customer experience are fundamental in a period when it’s very difficult to keep the clients happy. Brands should struggle to differentiate. 

Vision works directly with the brands’ internal marketing departments as well as implementing campaigns for external design and brand agencies–we adapt our approach to each project. Our internal teams provide specialists in brand strategy, graphic design, storefront signs to design brand new retail spaces or help you furnish an existing one with our products.

Our successful case stories include retail spaces where we have designed, produced and installed large built up lettering, backlit signage, light boxes, wall graphics, totem poles, posters and many more media, creating a positively memorable retail brand experience and adding to the existing retail identity.

Hospitality Branding

Our first step is investigating and clearly understanding the brand, the clients and above all what sort of experience the customers live through while enjoying the food and the services. We work closely with architects in making sure to respect the existing project. Keeping what’s good, we enhance the environment with innovative products, such as feature glass that creates a unique, elegant and eye-catching effect. Our restaurant interior design solutions add to the flavour of your place and, indirectly, of the food you serve as well. For hotels, we strive to add to the existing hotel interior by introducing meaningful solutions that reflect well on the customers’ perception of your brand and location. In both restaurant interior and hotel interior design we keep in mind that the feeling of your premises has a direct effect on your revenue, so we do our utmost to tailor a distinctly pleasant experience.

Building Wraps

Building Wraps Banners and building wraps can have multiple applications: from commercial advertising to obscuring building sites or giving a preview of something that will be unveiled. Building wraps can even be used while refurbishment of an older building is being undertaken, to make it a more pleasurable image for the viewer and communicate a message at the same time. By choosing building wrapping as an advertising channel, you make a statement about your business that will be seen by current and future customers alike. Furthermore, affordable materials can be used to offset the initial investment.

Digitally Printed Banners

Digitally printed banners are among the most affordable exterior graphics used for outdoor advertising. We design and produce in-house all types of promotional banners in heavy weight PVC & mesh material. We print with durable pigments that provide protection against UV-fading and weather, effectively turning a printed banner into a long-term investment and a contribution to creating a truly branded environment in your premises.

Show your vision of hospitality by adding a visual touch to a great experience.

Interiors play a fundamental role in creating a multi-sensory experience in hotels and restaurants. Designing interior solutions for these spaces require a different approach from that of office and retail.

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