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We love creating inspiring wall graphics that transform environments into branded spaces. With more than 25 years’ experience in creating unique office wall art and branded environments, we customize our approach to our clients’ needs. Vision takes care of each step of the project, designing the graphics, sourcing the images, printing and finally installing them on your walls, and our wall art solutions extend well beyond branding office graphics.

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Office Branding Solutions

Branded Work Places has designed, produced and installed thousands of square metres of manifestations, prints & decoration for glass. From creating art on glass to act as a feature in a reception to purely functional manifestations for providing privacy, Branded Work Places’s designers use many techniques & printing process combinations to complement the space. We combine innovation, creativity and latest technology to achieve unique results tailored to your needs.

Our teams are specialised in workplace branding and have worked with companies in different sectors such as high-tech, hospitality and retail to deliver spaces that inspire people and improve their brand experience. What makes us different from other branding and design agencies is best explained with an example.

When a company hires a branding agency to implement their corporate identity through the workplace branding in their offices, usually the branding agency uses other companies to implement their project (for example, to print and install glass graphics). Several issues may arise during the development of the project:

– The production and installation companies might find difficult to clearly understand what the designers had in mind.
– The designers might have not considered the challenges that the installation and production experts face when dealing with specific materials and surfaces
– No matter what the issue, the communication flow between different departments in different companies is often slow and it can affect the project’s outcome.

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We develop environmental solutions with a positive impact on our clients’ teams, business and brands. Our approach delivers increased sales, customer recognition, differentiation and higher perceived value from investors. Internal benefits include higher employee satisfaction and retention, increased productivity and a better understanding of firm mission, vision and values. Office design can in fact be used as a tool to boost a company’s bottom line.


We are passionate about getting organisations fired up about showcasing their employer brand. We offer a range of employer branding services, from perception surveys designed to benchmark your organisation against competitors and unlock key insights about your employer brand, to creating awareness campaigns, developing job copy or revamping your employer profile in a way that will attract top candidates to your organisation. Investing and building your employer brand is a crucial tool to attract high quality candidates and stand out in a candidate driven market. Our team can help you with a variety of services from full strategy development and marketing campaigns to simple job specific marketing activities. Take a look at the options below and get in touch to discuss how we can collaborate to execute an effective employer branding campaign.

Wall Vinyl with Laminate

Branded Work Places sources a number of vinyl manufacturers including 3M, Avery & MACtac depending on the budget, application and the finish required for each wall graphics project. The use of vinyl removes the need for wallpaper paste, plus vinyl is easier to fit. Vinyl, unlike wallpaper, can be applied to more difficult areas such as small returns on walls, doors and skirting to provide a fully branded look.

Etching & Frosted Manifestation Cut Out

Health and safety regulations require markings on glass to prevent accidents. Typically, these markings are squares or dots on office glass partitions and doors, but these pictures illustrate that offices can be enhanced with more creative glass manifestation designs. Different colour frosted manifestations can be used to complement the brand or interior colours. Using high-speed precision plotters, we create intricate and surprising patterns as well as customised designs.

Etching Frosted Manifestation Printed

A long glass partition wall for BNP Paribas offices in Dublin required an effect that would give a degree of privacy, not block the light and most importantly enhance the glass aesthetically. Vision designed the concept of French & Irish poetry flowing into one another placed above scenes from Paris and Dublin, reflecting the era when BNP was established. To illustrate the cultural heritage from both countries, literary greats of Ireland & France from the last century were chosen.

PVC Banners

Banners are most often used to promote a company’s logo, a special promotion or an event. PVC banners can be used over and over again as all the signs are removable and can be changed without having to purchase a new banner. Our experienced fitters can install the banners using our heists & access equipment. They are also experienced in building wrap installation, ensuring that the banners and wraps are fastened securely and don’t tear easily.

Vehicle Branding

Vehicle branding is a great and cost-effective way to create a huge impact on thousands of your potential customers every day. For this reason, when we design graphics for vehicles, we don’t just aim to improve the look of a car, a van or a truck. We strive to use that vehicle as a media channel that can send a clear message to a specific target audience.

From design to installation

Once we have discussed the goals and the brand USP with the client, we start developing concepts. Our in-house design, production and installation teams work together to ensure that all the processes run smoothly, no matter if the project is a single branded car or a large company fleet.

Vehicle branding can come in the form of a full vehicle wrap, a half wrap or vehicle graphics. The type of branding you choose depends on your company’s marketing strategy, budget & type of potential customers you want to reach, and of course the nature of your fleet. We can help you with almost anything: from designing van wraps to making car stickers and vehicle signs, chances are we have helped someone in a similar situation.

Full Vehicle Wrap

A vinyl wrap covers your vehicle completely in an adhesive specialist vinyl material. The wrap material is manufactured to allow it to bend and shape to the curves and contours of the vehicle and it has a super strong adhesive that that comes with a 7-year warranty.

The vinyl adhesive comes in a wide range of colours or it can be digitally printed. After we print it digitally, it is laminated to protect from scraping and fading due to the elements. Your paintwork is completely protected, and the material can be removed afterwards with no damage to the paint.

Half Vehicle Wrap / Vehicle Graphics

A half wrap is different from a full wrap in that, as the name suggests, it covers only half the vehicle. The designers use the vehicle’s colour to blend in with the type of impact you want to make. The half wrap is a good solution if the budget is limited, because the impact is still very strong and the ROI can at times be better than with a full wrap.

Branding Experience

When approaching a workplace branding project, we handle each step of the process internally: from designing the concepts to the final installation and client’s review. Our success comes from an interdisciplinary team that includes specialists in brand strategy, graphic design, office design and project managers as well as experienced production and installation experts. In Branded Work Places, we believe that each company has a unique “DNA” and we are convinced that branded environments have the power to lift the spirits and positively inspire the people working and visiting there: from increasing productivity and job satisfaction to attracting the best talent. For this reason, in modern organisations the workplace branding has become a strategic tool for HR departments and brand managers. 

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