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Best Quality Printing

All our prints are made with only the best quality materials. We don’t cut corners, which makes us one of the premier canvas printing suppliers in South Africa.

100% Love Guarantee

All our prints come with a 100% guarantee, you either love it, or we’ll fix it. Whether it’s a replacement or refund, your satisfaction is our highest priority

Safe Delivery Nationwide

We offer safe delivery to all cities across South Africa. All our prints are securely packaged with love and care, and we offer a 100% replacement guarantee for any damages during transport.

We love creating inspiring wall graphics that transform environments into branded spaces. With more than 25 years’ experience in creating unique office wall art and branded environments, we customize our approach to our clients’ needs. Vision takes care of each step of the project, designing the graphics, sourcing the images, printing and finally installing them on your walls, and our wall art solutions extend well beyond branding office graphics.

Branded Work Places has designed, produced and installed thousands of square metres of manifestations, prints & decoration for glass. From creating art on glass to act as a feature in a reception to purely functional manifestations for providing privacy, Branded Work Places’s designers use many techniques & printing process combinations to complement the space. We combine innovation, creativity and latest technology to achieve unique results tailored to your needs.

Why Choose Us?

Our teams are specialised in workplace branding and have worked with companies in different sectors such as high-tech, hospitality and retail to deliver spaces that inspire people and improve their brand experience. What makes us different from other branding and design agencies is best explained with an example.

When a company hires a branding agency to implement their corporate identity through the workplace branding in their offices, usually the branding agency uses other companies to implement their project (for example, to print and install glass graphics). Several issues may arise during the development of the project:

– The production and installation companies might find difficult to clearly understand what the designers had in mind.
– The designers might have not considered the challenges that the installation and production experts face when dealing with specific materials and surfaces
– No matter what the issue, the communication flow between different departments in different companies is often slow and it can affect the project’s outcome.


From our humble beginnings of supplying prints to our friends and family, Branded Work And Home Spaces has transformed itself into a nationwide supplier of premium quality stretched canvas prints. Catering to the needs of photographers, designers, corporates, resellers and the general public, our work can be seen all over the country. We’re so excited to announce that our premium offering has now been expanded to include wood prints, framed prints and Perspex acrylic prints.

All our prints are made with only the best quality materials. We don’t cut corners, which makes us one of the premier canvas printing suppliers in South Africa.


Hotline: +27 73 625 5637

We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible service to you, so we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions regarding our canvas prints, woods prints, framed prints and Perspex acrylic prints. If you don’t find what you are looking for, or have any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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